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Motherhood: A Manifesto

Motherhood: A Manifesto - Eliane Glaser

Eliane Glaser

Este é um livro potentíssimo. Não é fácil de ler. Motherhood: A Manifesto é isso mesmo, um manifesto feminista sobre a maternidade. É uma ode à escolha, ao poder da mulher e à luta pelos seus direitos. Acredito que nenhuma perspectiva sobre a maternidade permaneça igual depois deste livro.

«Before they become mothers, women are repeatedly reminded that their biological clock is ticking. Once pregnant, a woman’s body becomes public property: she is patronised, panicked, and forbidden from exercising her autonomy. In labour, women’s wishes are overridden, resulting in potentially life-changing injuries and trauma. When the baby comes home, women begin a life of pay cuts, lost job opportunities, heavier housework, unequal emotional loads, and judgement from all sides. State support and family networks have fallen away, and mothers are censured for every “choice” they make – if they are given real choices at all.»

Eu aplaudi de pé.

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